“Wine is sunlight, held together by water."Galileo




Private Cask Imports Inc. is a licensed national importer, brand marketer and developer of Super Premium Spirits and Fine Wines from around the world as well as domestically produced.

Led by Manny Burnichon, President and CEO, our mission is to drive the development of a limited collection of distinctive brands, Our focused approached is led by the increasing Demand from the consumer for:

Craft and Authentic Spirits

Produced with High Quality Standards, with a true respect of the raw material brought to us by Mother nature.

Artisanal Spirits & Fine Wines

Carefully produced by dedicated and passionate Winemakers and Distillers

Small batches & Limited Editions

Highly prized by Collectors and Connoisseur, we take pride into bringing "Uniqueness and Exception" to our partners. Such gems are overlooked by major operators.

Key Historical & Luxury Brands

Undeniable Pedigree, carrying  a Heritage that involves the respect of ancestral traditions.



Private Cask Imports offers clients a clear understanding of the vast, complex U.S. market which can be challenging for newcomers. Founder and CEO Manny Burnichon has worked in the wine and spirits industry for more than 20 years, resulting in a loyal network of wholesalers and retailers, as well as a proven track record of delivering growth, revenue, and consumer pull. 

The company’s focused approach is led by the increasing consumer demand for craft and authentic spirits 
developed with ethical standards. The portfolio is distinguished by its dedication to passionate winemakers and distillers, small batch and limited production, and respect for ancestral traditions.

The portfolio is focusing today on specific countries as France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Washington State and China.



Head Office

400 Royal Palm Way

Suite 400

Palm Beach, FL 33480


New York Office

351 W 51st Street,

New York, NY 10019


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